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Week commencing monday 21st november 2016

Reception Weekly Blog

Hello again, and welcome back to the Reception blog!

We are starting to feel quite festive in our school now - the Christmas tree has arrived and we are ready to decorate it with our beautiful candy sticks.  Please look out for them on the tree when you come to our Christmas Fair on Saturday!

This week we have continued to rehearse for our Christmas production and next week we will move it up a notch and let the children wear their costumes for the first time.  We have done a lot of work on subtraction this week and the children are becoming increasingly confident at using the correct mathematical vocabulary for subtraction.  We also had a lot of fun this week trying to identify different smells - we have got some very good noses in our year group who were able to identify peppermint, strawberry jelly, lemon, orange and even vinegar and marmite!

Our weekend challenge is for your children to use positional language in their home, for example, 'The chair is under the table.'  It would be brilliant if you could record your children's knowledge of positional language (on, in, besides, next to, behind, in front of, above) and we can share it in class next week.

Maths websites:

Have a lovely weekend - we look forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Fayre!Image result for holly

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