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Dear parents/ carers

As Matthew introduced himself last week it’s my turn now as I’m stepping up as vice chair this year for our new PTA committee.  .

My name is Piroska, I have two children at the hills Academy. Oliver is in reception class and my daughter Laura is in Year 2.

I joined the PTA committee over a year ago and have been working behind the scenes to make sure that our events were running successfully.

As my profession I am a nurse in London working two long days a week which gives me the opportunity to make myself useful around the school.  Being part of the Hills Academy is very important to me.

My mother used to be a volunteer for my primary school back in Hungary and I believe this has inspired me to do what I am doing now.  By helping the PTA to raise some money means our kids can have more opportunities to visit places or have new toys on the playground etc.

I think that’s brilliant!

I’m looking forward to work together with many of you in the coming years!

Yours Faithfully

Piroska Szolnoki