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Play in the autumn term

The children have enjoyed a busy half term in nursery making new friends and exploring our environment indoors and outdoors!  You can see more pictures of us exploring here.

Play Today Poem

You say you love your children and are concerned they learn today’

So am I that’s why I’m providing a variety of kinds of play.

You’re asking me the value of blocks and other such play

Your children are problem solving and will use these skills everyday

You’re asking what’s the value of having your children play

Your daughter is creating a tower; she could be a builder one day

You’re saying you don’t want your son to play in that ‘sissy’ way

He’s learning to cuddle a doll; he may be a father one day

You’re questioning the interest centres, they just look like useless play

Your children are making choices; they’ll be on their own one day

You’re worried you’re children aren’t learning and later they’ll have to pay

But they are learning a pattern for learning for they will be learners always.