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Ramadan is a special occasion for all Muslims around the world. A time for them to reflect and portray values such as kindness, gratitude and patience.

We have a lovely community of Muslims in our school community who are fasting during this month to observe these values. Muslims follow the lunar calendar which depicts Ramadan each year. During this month, Muslims will fast from dawn to sunset which includes no food or even water.

To show our appreciation of this special occasion, we have hosted our first iftar at The Hills and what a success it was! Parents and children were all welcome to bring in a dish for our buffet to share with others. We had a lovely speech delivered by Aaizah and Hajrah and Maryam who spoke about the month of Ramadan.

Thank you to all the parents who showed so much support towards this event, bringing in food, snacks and drinks and taking part of this beautiful experience with us.