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At the end of January  the school choir went to Birmingham World Resorts Arena to take part in Young Voices 2023, we had a brilliant experience.

It was a long trip but worth it. To pass the time we practised our songs and actions on the bus. When we arrived we ate our lunch and then had a fun and exciting rehearsal so we knew what do and expect at the actual performance later that evening.

At 7pm we changed into our Young Voices t-shirts and  the performance began…there was a brilliant violinist and rapper, there was also a famous singer called Heather Small who sung with us. When the lights went down the little torches shone like stars in the sky.

We liked doing the clapping and the stomping with the rappers. The huge lights turned different colours which shone on our white t-shirts making us look like a human rainbow. We danced our socks off!!! The performance was amazing, definitely an experience we won’t forget.

 During the evening performance to the parents there was a person standing at the side of the stage who did British Sign Language for people that couldn’t hear the words. (She was amazing.)

We performed with about 6,000 other children. Young voices is the biggest choir for children, it has gone on for many years in different places.

When the performance was over we got back on our coach ready for the journey home.  When we got on our Parents were already on waiting and  clapped for us which made us feel even more special.  We finally arrived back at school about 11.30 tired but happy!!

Have a look HERE for some photo's from our day.

By Lottie, Rebecca, Chloe and Eleanor