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A little clothing reminder for Outdoor Learning!!

Happy Autumn Term everyone, it's one of our favourite times of year in the garden (along with Winter, Spring and Summer)... we love the way the leaves change colour and really enjoy watching the birds preparing for their long flights to warmer climates.  However Autumn normally brings slightly chillier weather and rain, which normally falls on our outdoor learning days!! 

So a quick reminder of what you should be wearing if you are coming out into the garden with us.

Firstly, wellington boots are a must, the ground is damp and the mud patch is calling.  Waterproof coat and trousers are just as important, we aim to go outside whatever the weather and if it is raining we get wet so please remember your waterproofs.  If it is cold then gloves, scarf and hats are a good way to keep warm and during the Spring term it does get rather chilly!!  Please do not wear new or best clothes.  We love to have fun in the garden and this often involves mud... lots and lots of mud... so wear older clothes and then it doesnt matter if they get grubby!  Finally, if possible it is really handy if you bring a spare bag with you, This can be used to put muddy clothes and boots in to send home.

Remember to keep an eye on our blog so you can see the adventures we get up to this year in the garden!!