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On 6th February this year Her Majesty The Queen became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of being queen. So on Wednesday, we celebrated Queen Elizabeth II platinum jubilee at school! To start the day off, we came into school wearing the colours red, white and blue to represent the Union Jack flag. Everyone was super excited and looking forward to this fun day at The Hills Academy… some of the staff dressed as royalty and we even had a queen’s guard.

The school was decorated, we had red, white and blue bunting everywhere, balloons and paper chains.  Did you see the flag flying on the flag pole? We learnt all about why we were celebrating the jubilee and even got to watch a video of Queen Elizabeth II when she became queen.

Gumble’s fun fair came to our school field with a variety of rides including a carousel, jet roundabout , an animal bouncy castle and a parkour Avengers one too! Throughout the day, each year group got the opportunity to have a bit of freedom on the playground where we went on the pirate ship, skipped and even played a game of football. As well as this, there were outdoor games set out on the field to play with. We played sack races, egg and spoon, skipping, hula hooping, boules and we even had the parachute out and everyone got a chance to play with them.

At lunch time it was time for our party. We put on the crowns we had made and went to the lunch hall, KS1 and KS2 started off by singing the National Anthem and waving our flags. There was a special celebration lunch where there was delicious food like sausage rolls, crisps, veggie sticks and even ice lollies for pudding! All around the hall was nicely decorated with bunting and platinum Jubilee signs and the tables looked amazing, we had red, white and blue plates and napkins!  There was blasting music and could you believe that the teachers were dancing in front of all the children and singing the Macarena and who let the dogs out… we enjoyed joining in!

After a stomach full of food, we did some Jubilee crafts by making collages of the Queens head, a colouring picture of the Queen and a special word search based on the Royal family. We had a lovely video to watch and an online newspaper to look at:

We all had a fabulous day including the teachers, have a look at some of the photo’s from the day here ALBUM 1 ALBUM 2 ALBUM 3 ALBUM 4

By Simrita, Lexi, Erin and Marie