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Excitement in the garden!!!

After last weeks cold, ice and snow we are so excited to see the flowers growing and the wildlife moving into our garden.

In the garden we love to look after the wildlife... we have bird and bat boxes, bug and hedgehog houses, a bee drinking station and we always try to make sure our bird feeders are full.  One of our favourite birds in the garden are the robins, they are always flying about and often sit and watch the children play in the garden and listen to them from the trees during our check-in. 

This week the robins seemed to stick around much more than normal and after watching them for a while we realised that they were building a nest on our watering can holder. We are so pleased and quickly put a boundary into place warning people not to go too close or to use the watering cans.  Some of the children filled up a bird feeder and we carefully moved it close to the nesting site and we also cut up some wool into small pieces and put it in the bushes so the birds can use it to line their nests. It is so exciting to see and we are hoping that in a few weeks we will have baby robins in our garden :)

We also spent time this week making and filling up bird feeders for all of the birds that come to visit us.  If you look in the garden you will see lots of apples hanging from the trees with sunflower seeds stuck in them and hangers full of seed.  We think it is really important to look after the birds, do you have bird feeders in your garden?

To see photos from this week please click HERE!