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Visitors in the garden 

The garden is really coming to life at the moment!

We are very lucky to have always had robins in the garden and often at Dragonflies they come and say hello, did you know that robins only live where they feel safe so we are very pleased that they have chosen our garden.  

You may have noticed that the pond often has ducks swimming around on it at the moment... some days there has been as many as 6 having a lovely time in our garden!!!  However the most exciting thing to happen is that we have a family of Blue Tits nesting in one of our box's around the allotment area.  If you stand quietly you may see the adult birds flying in and out with food for the babies and if you listen you will hear the babies chirping... we cant wait until the babies are big enough to fly and to see them in the garden!  

If you would like to learn more about our visitors and maybe how you can encourage them to visit your garden, click HERE to visit the RSPB website.