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Autumn in the Garden

it's been a bit chilly in the school garden, so we decided in Key Stage 2 that we should practice our fire making skills.... and then roast marshmallows over it, but only because it was cold of course!!!!!

We found out that building a fire was quite difficult, although making smoke, wasn't but after sawing up wood, collecting pinecones and screwing up newspaper we had a hot enough fire to roast our marshmallows and squish them in biscuits to make 'smores.... YUM!

In Key Stage 1 and EYFS we had a wonderful time melting chocolate over a candle and dipping in fruit! It was a bit tricky at first as we found out that if you held the chocolate too close to the flame it put out the fire and if you held it too far away the chocolate didn't melt! We got there in the end and really enjoyed eating our fruit and chocolate!

Click HERE to see some photos from the activity.